Become a sponsor in the remote countryside of Vietnam and Cambodia

About our Sponsorphips

With Mekong Plus and its partners, you choose the sponsorship plan that best suits your desires, your budget and your expectations. In concrete terms, your donation is allocated to the 2 priority areas of intervention : School Scholarships and Micro crédit. 

Thanks to regular updates from our teams, you can follow the schooling and progress of the child you support and/or you can follow the progress of the families supported by a microcredit. You can pay your monthly sponsorship on our website by credit card, Bancontact or SEPA money order. Ideally, you support your sponsored child for one year or more. As soon as your commitment is validated, you will receive a welcome and confirmation email. 

In the field, sponsorship donations are also combined with funding from our public and private donors in order to carry out larger-scale development programs. In this way, our actions have more impact and reach more children and more families. 

We are always at your disposal : Loanna Becattini – Tel (BE) : 0032 477 229 457 / Tel (FR) : 0033 644 021 037

To face this situation of extreme poverty, we have set up a sponsorship program. Thanks to your action a child will receive each year : 

Access to school
Additional compulsory courses

In Vietnam, 5 to 10% of villagers live on less than 1/2€/person/day. In Cambodia, the figure is 15 to 20%. 

Mekon Plus manages to get them out of this situation in 4 to 5 years, thanks to targeted training, microcredit and good follow-up. On average incomes increase by 25% per year, doubling in 4 to 5 years. Except in special situations, Mekong Plus stops its support when the income exceeds 1 to 1.5€. It continues, however, to ensure a spaced follow-up to avoid any relapse – which happens in less than 10% of cases. More than 7.000 households, or about 35.000 people, have benefited from the program and have been lifted out of extreme poverty. Today, there are 6.500 new households in the process of receiving loans. 

Sponsoring a child, a family... is :

  • Contribute in a sustainable way to the achievement of development goals.
  • Create a unique bond with your godchild.
  • Understand and see the importance of your donation through regular updates.
  • Commit to an international NGO that has been active for 27 years in the Mekong Delta.

Our results in figures

They were sponsored

Discover their stories !


29 $ for a child primary school, 58$ for a a secondary school student. Result of Mékong Plus : 3700 children/year


More than 7,000 households, or about 35,000 people, have benefited from the people, have benefited from the program and have been lifted out of extreme poverty. Today, there are 6,500 new households in the process of receiving loans.

Inclusive education class

290$ per class. Result of Mekong Plus : 10 classes/year


With 93$ a family we can see that on average the income increases by 25%/year, that is an increase of 265$ after one year and more afterwards.

Second hand bikes

55 € per bike. Result of Mekong Plus: 400 children/year