our figures: 1,000 villages supported / 4,000 school scholarships / 7,500 microcredits in progress

Sponsorship means long-term support

With a school grant: to enable a child to go to school for several years. With a microcredit: to help a family develop its activity to increase household income.

You’ll receive regular updates from the children and villagers.

school scholarships



free sponsorship

sponsoring a child, a family…means :

Make a lasting contribution to achieving development goals. Create a unique bond with your godchild. Understand and see the importance of his or her donation through regular updates. Make a commitment to an international NGO that has been active in the Mekong Delta for 27 years.

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With Mekong Plus and its partners, you choose the sponsorship formula that best suits your desires, your budget and your expectations. In concrete terms, your donation is allocated to 2 priority areas of intervention: School Scholarships and Microcredit.

Thanks to regular updates from our teams, you can follow the progress of the child you support and/or the progress of families supported by a microcredit. You can pay for your monthly sponsorship on our website by credit card, Bancontact or SEPA money order. Ideally, you support your godchild for a year or more. As soon as you have validated your commitment, you will receive a welcome and confirmation email.

We look forward to hearing from you: Loanna Becattini – contact ∂ mekongplus.org


our scholarship program

To tackle this situation of extreme poverty and provide access to school, we have set up a sponsorship program. Thanks to your action, a child will receive each year :

  • Access to a school
  • books
  • Compulsory supplementary classes
our microcredit program

In Vietnam, over 10% of villagers live on less than ½ €/person/day; in Cambodia, the figure is 15-20%.

Mékong Plus manages to get them out of this situation within 4 to 5 years, thanks to targeted training, microcredit and good follow-up. On average, incomes increase by 25% a year, doubling in 4 to 5 years. Except in special situations, Mékong Plus stops providing support when income exceeds €1 to €1.5.

It continues, however, to provide spaced follow-up to avoid any relapse – which happens in less than 10% of cases. More than 7,000 households, i.e. some 35,000 people, have benefited from the program and have been lifted out of extreme poverty.

Today, 6,500 new households are receiving loans.

they were sponsored, discover their stories

our results in figures


children helped with a school grant

35 000

people helped by microcredit


inclusive classes created per year


is the increase in income for a household benefiting from microcredit


children benefit from Mekong Plus bicycles


tonnes of plastic waste collected and recycled each year

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Mekong Plus guarantees transparency and efficiency. With news from the field, you get regular updates. Schoolchildren say thank you, because they were in danger of dropping out of school.

Tens of thousands of villagers also contribute to the solidarity fund!

A single mother finally gets by with a “pig bank”!

Schoolchildren collect plastic waste and we make cheaper, stronger benches for the school.