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Live a solidarity trip


To help the poor in Vietnam and Cambodia, one way, of course, is to make a donation. But at Mekong Plus, we find it is more meaningful to open our eyes, hearts and minds. This is the purpose of the exceptional bike rides we propose. Trips in the name of solidarity, close to nature and people, something of a dream but concrete undertakings also. You come back home, tired, positive and rich in emotion. Feeling fulfilled, more aware of the world and the people around you, more conscious of your own self.



By joining us, you also join all our projects

Each hiker is a real partner, each push on your bike is another support for the projects. The Mekong Bikes trips are one of our important sources of funds. But they are also an opportunity to share our ideals. On your bike, you discover the country, you meet the locals. From village to village, we see, we talk, we understand. One feels the difficulties, we measure the successes. A bike goes everywhere, on all small paths off the main roads. At times, we cross a river, we meet groups of children so happy to see you through their village. And you pass next the many temples. On our bike, we meet and we love.

Your carbon footprint

We are committed to using the equivalent of the carbon footprint of your trip and flight in our programs that fight against climate change (currently € 100 per participant).


“An entire family, and their neighbors welcome us. The house rests on stilts, beneath an old grandmother crouched on her bed, she cannot get up so I go to her; I great her. She looks at me intensely and speaks softly, I think that, between grandmothers, we understand each other.”

For youth groups

For the sporty

They support us

The social enterprise Mekong Quilts

Our institutional partners:

We have also the Benina foundation, the NIckedo foundation, the foundation OKWorlds and the enterprise OVH

Big thanks to all of you!

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