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Mekong Bikes, An Invitation To An Unusual Journey… A Journey To The Essential!

The formula combines a little physical effort, the discovery of the villagers, and a good understanding of development actions.

Program Overview

To help the poorest people in Vietnam and Cambodia, you can of course pull out your wallet.

But at Mekong Plus, we believe it’s even more important to open your eyes, your heart and your mind. That’s what our exceptional treks are all about. Journeys of solidarity, closer to nature and people, journeys of dreams and projects.

Journeys from which we return tired, but serene, dazzled by emotion. Journeys from which we return grown-up, more aware of the world, of others and of ourselves.

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Solidarity Hiking

Every rider is a partner, every pedal stroke a helping hand. Mekong Bikes trips are one of our important sources of funding, but above all they’re an opportunity to share our ideals.

By bike, you discover the country, you discover the people. From village to village, you see, talk and understand. You feel the difficulties, you guess the successes. The bike goes everywhere. At times, it lands above the river, among the children, at the foot of a temple. By bike, we meet and we love.

Carbon Footprint

We are committed to using the equivalent of your carbon footprint in our programs to combat climate change (currently €100 per participant).

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