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Micro Credits

Unlocking prosperity and breaking the chains of poverty, loan after loan.


Mekong Plus is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in rural areas where traditional financial services often remain out of reach.

Poverty in these regions is exacerbated by the perception of agriculture as a high-risk sector, characterized by unpredictable production losses due to diseases and climate-related disasters like droughts and floods.

Many families struggle to make ends meet, with over 10% of villagers in Vietnam and 15-20% in Cambodia living on less than €1 a day.

Our NGO’s micro-credit program steps in with innovative training, support, and access to small loans ranging from €50 up to €400. These microloans provide a lifeline for those who find borrowing from banks too risky, as they fear losing their land and homes.

Our approach is to provide financial assistance that is both accessible and sustainable, fostering a path to economic stability and improved livelihoods.

Households currently supported
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People lifted out of extreme poverty
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Clear improvement in household conditions
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Achieved a doubling or more of income
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Interest rate for the first few years
1/ 1000
Non-repayment rate

Our Microcredit Program

Mekong Plus adopts a comprehensive approach to microcredit, focusing on the following key steps:

Step 1

Visiting the Poorest Households

We engage in open and patient discussions with vulnerable Vietnamese and Cambodian families to build trust and identify their primary challenges. This process often involves single mothers facing various hardships.

Step 2

Finding Solutions Together

Before providing training and microcredit support, health and education issues are addressed, and there are no significant health issues. Health costs can often be a major contributor to poverty, so we guide families to spend wisely.

Step 3

Guiding & Aiding Families

Our non-profit organization encourages and trains villagers in the Mekong Delta on low-cost, low-risk investments that provide quick returns, such as small-scale vegetable gardening or poultry farming programs.

Finance a microcredit

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