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Our History

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Inception - Viêt Nam Plus

Gilberte Do-Huu and Robert Eberhardt embarked on a visit to Vietnam, where they connected with Bernard Kervyn and Thanh Truong, old friends from their shared experiences at the NGO Frères des Hommes in France and Bangladesh.

Confronted by the pressing needs of impoverished Vietnamese farmers, they resolved to establish a new NGO named VietNam Plus, operating as a French association under the 1901 law. Initially, Viêt Nam Plus focused on a single project in Tiên Thành. Over time, additional initiatives were conceived, and the local team expanded to 3 provinces and to Cambodia.

However, over time, additional initiatives were conceived, and the local team in Vietnam expanded to meet the growing demands.

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The Start of Micro Credits

With the support of Dr. Duong Quynh Hoa and Oxfam-Belgium, Bernard Kervyn established a micro-credit program in Tuc Trung, Đức Linh, and Tánh Linh. Dr. Duong Quynh Hoa, who served as the Director of the Pediatric Center at HCMV (CPDS) until 1999, has profoundly impacted Mekong Plus through her wealth of experience.

Her contributions have been recognized with honorary doctorates conferred upon her in both Paris and Belgium.

The First Mekong Delta Initiatives

Viêt Nam Plus also initiated a program in the Mekong Delta, specifically in Hâu Giang, with significant financial support and the engagement of dedicated personnel.

Expansion to Cambodia & Renaming

The NGO extended its operations to Cambodia, prompting a name change from Vietnam Plus to Mekong Plus.

A Long-Lasting Development Partner

Mekong Plus programs positively impact the lives of more than 200,000 individuals annually. Through active community engagement and the expertise of our local teams, we maximize our impact while minimizing resource utilization. In pursuit of sustainability, we gradually reduce support for established initiatives and introduce new programs, including inclusive education and women's rights initiatives.

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