Thảo, 15 years old, was crying to continue school. A scholarship changed her life.​
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Thảo, 15 years old, was crying to continue school. A scholarship changed her life.​


Lý was paying 140% interest to the loan shark. Microcredit saved his family.

organic garden

The organic garden: twice the harvest!

Our Mission & Vision

We eliminate poverty, with the participation of all, in villages in Vietnam and Cambodia.

We provide microcredit and access to education, we help the villagers protect the environment for
sustainable development.

We envision a future where people living in villages in Vietnam and Cambodia can access the resources needed to build healthy, resilient, and vibrant communities.

School grants per year
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People helped by microcredit
15- 0 %
Increase in income every year thanks to microcredit
Disabled children included in education per year
Children benefiting from Mekong Plus bicycles
Tons of plastic waste collected and recycled per year

Our Development Programs

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Education &

Environment & Sustainability

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About Mekong Plus & Special Initiatives

About Us

For the last 30 years, MP has helped thousands of poor households out of poverty.

Children in 1000 villages have received a scholarship to access education. MP believes in low cost, high impact, sustainable development.

We have set up 3 local NGOs to put highly committed experienced social workers at the helm.

In Europe, MP is active in Belgium and in France to promote the concept “Development works when
everyone participates”, and that poverty can be resolved at low cost.

MP raises funds in Europe and in the USA.

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Development Works
When Everyone Participates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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