Ms Savouen


Ms Savouen

Rumdoul, Svey Rieng Province, Cambodge

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10€/month for 1 year

Ms Savouen

Mrs Savoven is 58 years old. She is a single mother raising her 16-year-old son Pov Kea and her disabled 15-year-old grandson on her own. The family income is 55 cents/day/person. The main income is the sale of paddy rice grown on a land of 3000 m2 twice a year. She also raises 4 chickens, 1 cow and 2 ducks. In addition to this work, she does odd jobs for her and her son, after school, helping her catch fish, crab and frogs for daily sustenance. Ms Savoun wants to improve her paddy rice production and expand her small livestock.

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