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Development Works When Everyone Participates​

Since 1994, we’ve been helping villagers mobilize, and the results are impressive: every year, at least 200,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians benefit directly from our actions. We help those who live on less than €1 a day.

At The Heart Of Our Actions

Community Development: Nearly 3000 years ago, the Chinese sage Lao Tzu advised: Go to the people – Live with them – Learn from them – Love them! – Start with what they know, – Build from what they have – And, when it’s finished, They’ll rejoice And say: We did it ourselves!

Gender equality: For Mekong Plus, this goes hand in hand with the promotion and protection of the human rights of women, ethnic minorities and the poorest, and the elimination of discrimination against them. 70% of the beneficiaries of our actions are women, and ethnic minorities account for over 20%. Particular attention is paid to raising awareness among boys and men of the need for harmonious and respectful relationships.

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Three Main Tools

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Environment & Sustainability

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