Eco-Tourism in Vietnam: A Sustainable Adventure

Eco Tourism in Vietnam

Vietnam is a captivating destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and cultural experiences.  And with a GDP contribution of over 6.4% in 2024, the sector of Tourism is one of the strongest of Vietnam’s Economy. Even without Covid, the industry of tourism in Vietnam has had its ups and down, but considerable efforts and investments […]

Safeguarding Vietnam’s Natural Treasures: The Vital Work of Wildlife and Nature NGOs

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Vietnam’s natural wonders have captivated the world for generations, from the mist-covered peaks of the northern highlands to the lush biodiversity of its tropical rainforests. However, the scars of history, particularly the Vietnam War, have left lasting impacts on the country’s flora and fauna, even after almost half a century Despite the challenges, a beacon […]

Nurturing Nature: Mekong Plus’ Green Revolution

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In the heart of Vietnam, where the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City fade into the serene landscapes of rural Vietnam, Mekong Plus is sowing the seeds of change. Beyond its microcredit programs, the organization is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. This blog unveils the remarkable initiatives that are not only greening the earth […]

Eco-friendly homes made possible at Mekong Plus

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Since its founding in the early 2000s, Vietnam and Cambodia-based non-profit organisation Mekong Plus has placed utmost priority in improving lives and eliminating poverty through countless projects related to agriculture, infrastructure, health, education and more. Despite improvements in Vietnam over the last decade, another plague has surfaced. According to statistics from the World Bank, over […]

Mekong Plus strives to save both people and the environment

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The Mekong Delta has seen a new slate of challenges in recent years. Global warming has caused the sea to rise 1 cm a year, while intensive agriculture has caused land to sink 3 cm a year due to over-pumping of groundwater—a morbid combination that has resulted in heavy flooding in many parts of Vietnam […]

Mekong Plus help villagers beat rising costs and climate change


Mekong Plus helps villagers beat rising costs and climate change In the midst of the global recovery from the pandemic-driven economic downturn, city dwellers in major cities in south-east Asia are looking forward to a quick return to normalcy and better times thanks to international tourism and trade. “There is prejudice [towards villagers] especially during […]

Mekong Plus nurturing both farmers and the environment

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From subsidised housing made from bricks that combine plastic water bottles and a layer of cement, to pyrolysis trials that aim to turn plastic refuse into fuel by Mekong Plus’ team in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, the non-profit organisation began its humble roots in the mid-90s with a clear objective of eliminating poverty in Vietnam […]

Transforming plastic to improve lives: Mekong Plus’ other strategy


Since the earliest days, Mekong Plus and its founder Bernard Kervyn have been deeply devoted to changing the lives of underprivileged locals and their families in Vietnam through initiatives such as micro-credits, sustainable livestock farming and scholarship programmes to keep as many children in school as possible. Through its close involvement with schools in the […]

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