our figures: 1,000 villages supported / 4,000 school scholarships / 7,500 microcredits in progress


Mekong Bikes trips require legs, but amateur legs are enough. The effort is reasonable, and our routes are more invigorating than exhausting. Above all, they offer a sense of friendship, group solidarity and the strength of global awareness.

FLEURS DU MÉKONG – from €1300 – from Saigon to Angkor Wat.

It’s the most complete mekong bikes challenge! The emphasis is on discovering our projects, and on the solidarity you bring to them: you meet our teams while sharing in the daily life of the villagers.

You’ll experience the pleasure of cycling without the hassle (a broom minibus ensures your comfort and bike logistics).

The tour takes you to some of the world’s great historical sites, where you’ll be sure to find a competent guide every time.

In practice

  • Trip duration: 10 days and 9 nights.
  • Immersion in our projects: 6 half-days Supervision: provided from arrival to departure.
  • Accommodation: hotel or guesthouse. with wifi and air-conditioning.
  • Meals: good quality local restaurants, unlimited mineral water.
  • Cycling equipment and supervision: provided from arrival to departure.
  • Transfers/transportation: by minibus, boat or bus.
  • Health and health formalities: no vaccinations are required. It is strongly recommended that you are up to date with the usual vaccinations: diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and hepatitis A. Discuss this with your doctor.
    The price includes hotels – meals (except drinks) – bike hire and logistics – competent French-speaking guides at each site. It does not include visas or air travel.
  • A solidarity contribution of at least €500 to our projects is included in the price.
  • A tax certificate will be issued for the final amount.

Testimonial: “Les papillons du Mekong” group

An experience of humanitarian work, a sporting challenge to suit everyone, an unforgettable tourist discovery and a ride to the heart of Mekong Plus projects.

We visited 2 endearing countries by bike. At times, we stood above the river, among the children, at the foot of a temple. During these 10 days, we knew that every pedal stroke was a helping hand for these village populations. 380 kilometers in the very heart of the villages and at the pace of the villagers taught us the wisdom of going to meet the poorest people by bike, on paths and tracks that aren’t always easy; but it also took us to where the extremely poor villagers of Vietnam and Cambodia live. Their living conditions, often unimaginable from Belgium, their tin houses, often tiny living quarters, their hygiene problems, and sometimes an improbable kitchen… What a lesson for us! We were extremely touched by the dignity of these people, their pugnacity, their incredible welcome, their smile beyond their distress.

Mékong Plus respects and encourages this spirit of dignity by never falling into the trap of assistance. Here, it’s the villagers and their teams who take ownership of the projects, playing an active part in bringing them to a successful and lasting conclusion.

We have admired the incredible involvement of Bernard and his teams with the poorest populations, and the quality of the human relationships created around the projects. When aid is no longer needed, lasting bonds are created and maintained to ensure that the villagers don’t relapse.

Mekong Plus ambassadors

There was a “before” and a “during”, but there will also be an “after” challenge! How can we fulfil our role as ambassadors and encourage other donors to support Mékong Plus? This formidable experience of humanitarian work, this sporting challenge for everyone and this unforgettable tourist discovery are to be shared with others, because no one returns unscathed from this trip!

Fabienne, Jean-Marie, Claire, Michel, Brigitte, Corentin and Jacques