The Mekong Bikes trips require to be in good health but amateurs will be fine. The physical effort is reasonable, all legs are moderate and fortifying. They mainly offer the sense of friendship, group solidarity, good physical condition and awareness about the world and differences.


This is the most comprehensive challenge! The focus is on the discovery of our projects and on the solidarity gesture you make: you meet our teams while sharing the daily life of the villagers.

You enjoy the biking without the constraints (a minibus follows the group and ensures your comfort and logistics).

The tour takes you on the edge of great historical sites where we ensure knowledgeable guides are available.

The group “Papillons du Mékong” tells their experience

Papillons du Mékong, a successful cyclist challenge for an opening of the eyes, heart and mind

This challenge started in Belgium, with the crowd funding platform. From the outset, we felt mobilized to move forward, to talk about our cycling adventure and educate our friends to support this great human adventure and solidarity. What a joy to feel supported by our friends! The clock started ticking:  21000 euros already raised,thank you friends! This trip allowed us to realize how our donations were needed and well used. They are sometimes vital for the sustainability of projects.

An experience of humanitarian work, a sporty challenge but fit for each of us; an unforgettable tourist discovery, and a hike to the heart of the Mekong Plus projects

We biked through two endearing countries. At times we had to cross the river on a small ferry, often we were among the children, or at the foot of a temple. During these 10 days, we knew each pedal stroke was a boost to help these villagers. 380 kilometers to the heart of the villages and the rhythm of the villagers taught us the merits of going to meet the poorest, cycling on paths and tracks which are not always easy; but it allowed us to take us where the extremely poor villagers live, in Vietnam and Cambodia. Their living conditions are often unimaginable from Belgium: houses made of a few iron sheets, often a tiny habitat, poor hygiene, and sometimes an improbable kitchen … What a lesson for us! We were extremely touched by the dignity of these people,

Mekong Plus respects and encourages this spirit of dignity in never falling into easy charity. Here the villagers with the Mekong Plus teams, build the projects, actively participating to carry them out and in a sustainable manner.

We admire the incredible involvement of Bernard and his teams with the poorest people, and the quality of human relationships that are created around the projects. When aid is no longer needed, lasting bonds have been formed and persist, so that the villagers do not relapse into poverty.

Ambassadors Mekong Plus

There was a “before” – a “during” and there will also be an “after” challenge! How to fulfill our role as ambassadors and encourage other donors to support the actions of Mekong Plus? A great experience of humanitarian work, a sports challenge and this unforgettable tourist discovery are shared with others. Nobody returns the same from this trip!

Fabienne, Jean-Marie, Claire, Michel, Brigitte, Corentin et Jacques


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