Mekong Quilts’ pursuit to elevate lives of underprivileged women

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Founded in 2001 as a quilt-focused handicraft social enterprise dedicated to the mission of uplifting lives of female artisans in the Mekong Delta, Mekong Quilts’ was a result of sister non-profit organisation Mekong Plus’ three-decade-long commitment to improving lives of locals in Vietnam and Cambodia. When Founding Director Bernard Kervyn first arrived in Vietnam in […]

Cycling for a cause with Mekong Plus

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When Mekong Plus was created in the mid-1990s to combat poverty in Vietnam and Cambodia, founding director Bernard Kervyn and team mainly focused on improving infrastructure, agricultural practices and accessibility of education as the building blocks for positive change. Bernard Kervyn, founder of Mekong Plus and Mekong Quilts The non-profit organisation then began another initiative […]

Mekong Plus strives to save both people and the environment

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The Mekong Delta has seen a new slate of challenges in recent years. Global warming has caused the sea to rise 1 cm a year, while intensive agriculture has caused land to sink 3 cm a year due to over-pumping of groundwater—a morbid combination that has resulted in heavy flooding in many parts of Vietnam […]

Mekong Plus help villagers beat rising costs and climate change


Mekong Plus helps villagers beat rising costs and climate change In the midst of the global recovery from the pandemic-driven economic downturn, city dwellers in major cities in south-east Asia are looking forward to a quick return to normalcy and better times thanks to international tourism and trade. “There is prejudice [towards villagers] especially during […]

Mekong Plus improving lives in south-east Asia together with its partners

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Mekong Plus improving lives in south-east Asia together with its partners Since the 1990s, Vietnam and Cambodia-based non-government organisation (NGO) Mekong Plus has dedicated its existence to changing the lives of under-privileged locals in rural regions through community projects that aim to improve agriculture, education, environment and more. Establishing partnerships key to success Founding director […]