Explore Vietnam and Cambodia with Mekong Plus: Fleur du Mékong Cycling Adventure Tour, October 21-30, 2024

Are you ready for an eco-adventure that blends cultural immersion, cycling escapades, and meaningful community engagement? Look no further! From October 21st to 30th, 2024, and in celebration of Mekong Plus’s 30th anniversary, Mekong Plus invites you to join the Fleur du Mékong tour, a 10-day cycling expedition from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to the majestic Angkor Wat in Cambodia. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a transformative experience that takes you beyond typical tourist paths, offering an authentic glimpse into the heart of Indochina. Join us on this special occasion to explore our community projects firsthand and celebrate three decades of impact together!

The itinerary of the Fleur Fleur du Mekong Cycling Adventure
The itinerary of the Fleur Fleur du Mékong Cycling Adventure

Exploring the Route: A Unique Blend of Cycling and Cultural Discovery

Your journey begins in Ho Chi Minh City, where you’ll pedal through bustling streets, soaking in the vibrant energy of Saïgon. The majority of the tour unfolds on two wheels, providing an up-close encounter with the landscapes, villages, and people that define Vietnam and Cambodia. For longer stretches, hop onto a comfortable coach to navigate busier routes seamlessly.

A group of cyclist enthusiasts cycling around Saigon
A group of cyclist enthusiasts cycling around Saigon


The route is meticulously crafted to unveil the rich history and cultural treasures of the region. As you venture towards the beauty of Vietnam & Cambodia, you’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable guides, ensuring you don’t miss a detail. From the historic allure of Saïgon to the awe-inspiring grandeur of Angkor Wat, each day promises a new chapter in your adventure.

Angkor Wat a renowned Hindu Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia
Angkor Wat, a renowned Hindu-Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia


Community Engagement: Mekong Plus Projects

A unique facet of the Fleur du Mékong tour is the opportunity to engage with Mekong Plus projects actively. Rather than observing from a distance, you become a participant in initiatives aimed at uplifting local communities. Journeying from one project to another, either by bike or boat (sometimes a charming pirogue), you are guided by Mekong Plus teams who intimately understand the dynamics and needs of the communities.

One of the core pillars of Mekong Plus’s mission is agricultural development. Through meticulous training sessions, the organization has conducted 817 sessions, benefitting 2,850 participants in farming, animal husbandry, and fishery. Innovative models like greenhouse vegetable cultivation, garden netting and biogas systems have been introduced, fostering sustainable practices and improved livelihoods.

A farmer in her netted garden
A farmer in her netted garden

Education is another realm where Mekong Plus has left an indelible mark. Over 21,000 scholarships have been granted to underprivileged students, ensuring increased school attendance. Health education programs, including dental and respiratory health activities, have touched the lives of 14,663 preschoolers and 29,776 primary school students.

Mekong Plus’s commitment to gender issues and domestic violence prevention is evident through training sessions and safe spaces that have aided 211 women. Legal support for six cases has been provided, contributing to a safer and more equitable community. Gender education and life skills programs in 15 secondary schools have trained 20,634 students.

An artisanal endeavor that stands out is Mekong Quilts, an initiative that transforms traditional craftsmanship into a source of sustainable income. Employing dozens of women, Mekong Quilts creates handcrafted products like bed quilts, water hyacinth bags, bamboo bicycles, and more. Beyond preserving heritage, this project becomes a conduit for economic resilience within the community.

A group of quilter working on a quilt
A group of quilter working on a quilt


Your Journey, Your Impact

Priced at 1300 € for 10 days and 9 nights, which includes a donation of 500 € that can be deducted from your taxes (depending on your country of residence), your participation in this eco-tour includes comfortable accommodations, meals at local quality restaurants, and non-alcoholic beverages. The package encompasses the logistics of transportation, bike rental, competent guides proficient in English and/or French, the Cambodian tourist visa, and activity passes.

As a commitment to sustainability, Mekong Plus pledges to utilize the equivalent of your carbon footprint in programs combating climate change. For an extra touch of convenience, there’s the option of an electric bike at a supplement of 7 € per day.

Mekong Quilts bamboo bike
Mekong Quilts’ bamboo bike

What’s not included? The pre and post-travel to Saïgon (arrival)/Siem Reap (departure), travel insurance, passport and visa fees for Vietnam and Cambodia, medical expenses, personal purchases, and other miscellaneous expenses.


Join the Adventure: Transformative, Responsible, and Unforgettable

Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures, the Fleur du Mékong tour by Mekong Plus is a gateway to responsible tourism. Your journey isn’t just an exploration; it’s a meaningful contribution to the communities you encounter. Every pedal push supports sustainable agriculture, empowers education, and preserves traditional craftsmanship. For bookings or inquiries regarding Mekong Plus sustainable tours, please email communication@mekongplus.org


Many ways for you to make a generous contribution :


As Mekong Plus and its partners continue to pioneer change in South Vietnam and Cambodia, your support becomes integral. Whether it’s through volunteering, spreading awareness, or contributing to our initiatives, your involvement can be a catalyst for lasting change.

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