Empowerment Unveiled: Mekong Plus’ Job Revolution in Rural Vietnam and Cambodia

In the tranquil expanse of rural Vietnam, where the rhythm of life beats differently, Mekong Plus is crafting a narrative of empowerment that transcends traditional notions of charity. This narrative is one of jobs, resilience, and a community’s determination to shape its destiny.


Microcredits: The Silent Symphony of Transformation

Microcredits, often regarded as financial lifelines, emerge as the cornerstone of Mekong Plus’ job empowerment saga. Venturing into villages, the Mekong Plus team becomes not just financial providers but partners in a journey of courage and reconstruction. The challenge is not only economic but psychological, as many families are haunted by past failures and a lack of formal education.


Beyond mere monetary support, microcredits become a holistic venture. Conversations with families reveal hidden potentials — a neglected plot of land, an abandoned poultry farm, or a forgotten pigsty. The challenge is not just to provide funds but to instill the courage to reimagine and rebuild.


shutterstock 1474630973

A beneficiary from Mekong Plus in her farm


The fear of repeating past failures often paralyzes families. Here, microcredits become more than a financial transaction; they’re a conduit for training, technical support, and a reassuring hand to guide these families into uncharted territories. Mekong Plus adapts its approach meticulously, considering regional nuances and climatic conditions to ensure the success of every microcredit endeavor.


Agronomists and Veterinarians: Sowing Seeds of Prosperity

In Mekong Plus’ tableau of transformation, agronomists and veterinarians emerge as unsung heroes. Their mission is not just to impart knowledge but to catalyze prosperity. An illustrative example is the cultivation of pomelo in Hau Giang province. An organized farm visit became the spark that ignited multiple pomelo cultivation projects.



The inclusion of pilot farmers, often more experienced and educated, transforms these endeavors into knowledge-sharing platforms. These pilot farmers receive training and incentives to assist others in their communities, fostering a culture of collective success. Whether in protected vegetable gardens in Cambodia or poultry farming initiatives, support is extended to pilot farmers who ensure the community’s collective prosperity.


Plastic Waste Management: Turning Pollution into Employment

Plastic waste, an omnipresent menace, becomes a canvas for change in Mekong Plus’ story. The Anh Duong Center takes center stage, not only mitigating environmental damage but also creating employment through local waste collection and treatment. Craftsmen are employed to transform recycled plastic into durable school furniture, creating a sustainable loop that benefits both the environment and the community.



This classroom has been equipped with school desks and chairs made from recycled plastic


This initiative goes beyond waste management; it’s a testament to the transformative power of conscious consumerism and community engagement.


Infrastructure Projects: Bridging Gaps, Building Dreams

Mekong Plus, recognizing that physical infrastructure is as vital as economic empowerment, contributes to small-scale projects like bridges and roads. The unique approach involves active community participation, with villagers contributing 70% of the project costs. This not only empowers locals to take ownership but also generates employment opportunities for the local villagers during construction.



These infrastructure improvements are not merely about connecting geographical points; they symbolize bridging the gaps in access to essential services, schools, and healthcare facilities. This collaborative approach significantly reduces transport times, ensuring that communities are not just linked physically but economically and socially.


Note: Mekong Plus collaborates with partners like Anh Duong, employing 17 professionals, including agronomists, veterinarians, educators, and medical staff. Thien Chi and CAO play integral roles in the orchestration of Mekong Plus’ transformative initiatives.


In addition to bridges and roads, Mekong Plus has constructed over 170 new homes for impoverished families. This feat was made possible through the generous financial support of Selavip, exemplifying the organization’s commitment to addressing not just immediate needs but also the foundational requirement of secure housing.


KI8A0444One of the houses built by Mekong Plus


Mekong Quilts: Stitching Dreams, Creating Livelihoods

In the intricate tapestry of Mekong Plus, Mekong Quilts stands out as a vibrant thread. This sister company and social enterprise is not just about quilts; it’s about stitching dreams and creating livelihoods. By providing employment to impoverished rural women, Mekong Quilts becomes a conduit for economic sustenance and empowerment.


041023 0V7A9722 DNOur dedicated quilters quality checking quilted cushions at Mekong Quilts’ Saigon store


These women, through crafting quilts and handicrafts, are not just contributing to their families; they’re becoming contributors to the economic and social fabric of their communities.


Where to find Mekong Quilts products:

Saigon Store:

  • 85, Pasteur Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • 028 2210 3110

Hanoi Store:

  • 2 P. Hàng Ngang, Hàng Đào, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
  • 08 9864 0564


  • https://mekongquilts.com/


Visit our Saigon and Hanoi store or explore our collection online. Every purchase is a stitch in the fabric of empowerment for these resilient women, adding vibrant threads to their dreams and the communities they represent.


In Closing: Mekong Plus, a Symphony of Empowerment


In conclusion, Mekong Plus isn’t merely extending a helping hand; it’s orchestrating a symphony of empowerment. Through microcredits, agricultural support, waste management, and infrastructure projects, Mekong Plus is weaving the fabric of employment and community resilience. This narrative is about individuals finding their strength, communities shaping their destinies, and a region transforming its future. As we explore these stories of empowerment, one truth becomes evident—Mekong Plus doesn’t just envision a better future; it’s actively building it, one empowered individual, one resilient community at a time.

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