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Because travel is as much a learning as a pleasure, you want to live with your children a really great adventure outside the box.  

Would you not like your children to emerge and grow, nourished, transformed by encounters with children around the world? The focus of this challenge is on children meeting with very different people.

Excerpt from a letter from an uncle to his brothers, sisters and nephews:

Dear sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews. ..

I’m in great shape from any point of view, but I also know that I have reached an age where we want / can share more, and here’s my proposal:   As you know, Mekong Plus is an NGO that I cherish (…). I learned that it was organizing cycling tours at the heart of their projects. So I  invite you to Vietnam for a fortnight! Certainly I cannot be on a bike with you, but I could follow you. I will cover half of the ticket for each (carbon footprint compensation included!) And of course, all expenses in Vietnam. I think it would be really amazing for our extended family to share this experience and I would say that if we could be a dozen that would be fabulous . (…)

In the end 23 responded and will join this trip!


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Big thanks to all of you!