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POUSSES DU MÉKONG: a family holiday – from €1300 – 10 days in Cambodia

Because traveling is as much a learning experience as it is a pleasure, you want to take your children on a great adventure that’s truly off the beaten track.

You’d like your children to come away grown, nourished and transformed by their encounters with children at the other end of the world.

The emphasis of this challenge is on bringing village children together with your own.

En pratique

The trip is quite flexible, depending on the age of your children and your desires for discoveries. Here is a pack that we usually offer:

  • Duration of the trip: 10 days and 9 nights.
  • Immersion in our projects: 4 half days on a single site (Long My)
  • Supervision: insured from arrival until your departure.
  • The price includes comfortable hotels – meals (except drinks) – bike rental and logistics – competent guides.
  • Price: 1300 €

YOUR CARBON & YOUR SOLIDARITYWe are committed to using the equivalent of your carbon footprint in our programs that fight against climate change (currently € 100 per participant).

Discover our anti CO2 actions : here

Solidarity commitment is the visible part of your participation in our NGO. We ask you to be ambassador of Mekong Plus, to talk about us and our projects; to raise a financial contribution that will go directly to the Mekong Plus programs.

This represents a substantial budget, we are aware of it. Yet it is not difficult to achieve! See our examples and crowdfunding platform.

Excerpt from a letter from an uncle to his brothers, sisters and nephews:

Dear sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews…

I’m in great shape in every way, but I also know that I’ve reached the age when you want/can share more, so here’s my proposal: As you know, Mékong Plus is an NGO that’s close to my heart (…). I’ve learned that they organize bicycle tours as part of their projects. So I’d like to invite you to Vietnam for two weeks! I may not be on a bike by your side, but we’ll be able to share your discoveries between two projects. I’ll cover half the airfare for each of you (carbon footprint offset included!) and, of course, all expenses on site. I think it would be really extraordinary to get together like this in such numbers: I’d say that if there were a dozen of us, it would be fabulous.(…)