Mekong Plus : Active for 26 years in the fields of education, employment, agriculture, infrastructure and health and hygiene prevention.

The dynamism and creativity of the local teams enable the realisation of extraordinary long-term projects. Mékong Plus works tirelessly to ensure the autonomy of the most vulnerable populations.

1 Year with Mekong Plus

Villages supported
School scholarships

Mekong Plus wins the Energy Global Award 2021

The Energy Globe – The World Award for Sustainability – is now the most renowned environmental award in the world. In total, more than 180 nations participated. Mekong Plus won the award in the “Youth” category.


Mekong Plus, Laureate 2020 of the Human Rights Commission, France.

5 organizations selected among close to 200 ! This is both an encouragement and a strong reward to our teams in Vietnam & Cambodia, France and Belgium.

COVID 19 in Vietnam and Cambodia

The subject is on everyone's lips and seems to be neverending. In Vietnam, as elsewhere, the situation is serious.  On the health side, the problem has been managed with an iron fist by the authorities for several months. The result is undoubtedly effective: only 35 deaths have been reported and the number of patients is only by the hundreds. We would love to be able to say the same for so many other countries. On the socio-economic side, the problem is terribly worrying: in the towns and cities, unemployment has skyrocketed without compensation. Day labourers were the most impacted victims, they found themselves without work, when they were already earning less than the subsistence threshold. Within days the Mekong Plus teams reduced their salary and launched an emergency program with food supplies for the very poor. This is over now, and we have resumed our microcredit programs to help people with 1/2 Euro income to improve their condition.

Our solidarity masks

COVID19 has affected many families, and as it often happens, the most vulnerable are the ones who are suffering the most (see article). Mekong Plus has decided to organize a large mask solidarity operation, the benefits of which will go directly to those who make them. Each pack of 10 masks generates a small profit equivalent to the budget of a village woman for 10 days. It's a very nice way to combine the useful... with the indispensable!

Let's help the Mekong Quilts team

“In 20 minutes," Bernard (our regional director) tells us, "the team voted for 30% unemployment without compensation, unanimously and with a smile! When you know the financial difficulties many of them face, I am moved. In 27 years in Vietnam, I thought I'd seen it all... I'm discovering solidarity and an incredible sense of responsibility". Mekong Quilts is our major concern: we lost 95% of our sales as there are no tourists anymore. Our whole system of mutual aid towards the poorest people is being undermined, because if we don’t sell any more, the craftswomen in the villages will have no more work. So we launched the production of masks, which we export, namely to Europe!

Together, we eliminate poverty


Mekong Plus believes that the human dimension is an essential part of a community and its evolution and that in particular the development of the poor rural areas of Cambodia and Vietnam will

1. Everyone to satisfy their basic needs and live in dignity.

2. Communities to fully exercise their solidarity, especially towards the less privileged through concrete actions.


Mekong Plus has a dual mission: 

To train and support Khmer and Vietnamese people who are motivated and committed to community development in disadvantaged rural areas. Mékong Plus builds and strengthens local teams, and its actions are based on three keys: 

1. Targeting the poorest

2. Working with the participation of all

3. Carry out low-cost actions


Development works when everyone participates.

Go to the people

Live with them

Learn from them

Love them!

Start with what they know,

Build on what they have

And when it is finished,

They will rejoice

And say: We did it ourselves!

Lao Tseu

Our Actions

Many Challenges

All of them carry a great challenge of sustainable development in the remote regions of the Mekong Delta. Whether it is agriculture, education, employment, small infrastructures or health, Mekong Plus acts with the help of all, so that this development is theirs, that everyone is an actor in the project.

Today, we ask you to join us in this challenge: take one step a day with Mekong Plus.

With 0,4 € per day, that is 12€ per month. At the end of the year, you will have made a significant contribution to the development of this region.

you will have helped 5 primary school children to continue school

you will have taken part in the protection of the environment by training 20 farmers to clean up their crops

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We have also Fondation Benina – la fondation Nickedo- La fondation OKWorlds –  l’entreprise OVH – Sprl Legrand – Cyber Copy 44.

Big thanks to all of you!