Sorn Chivan


Sorn Chivan

Rumdoul, Svey Rieng Province, Cambodge

10€/month for 12 month

Sorn Chivan

Sorn Chivan is 13 years old is a student who studying in grade 7 is a poor boy who lives in a village. The parents have 4 children (3 boys and 1 daughter) Sorn Seyha is 8 years old (Grade 2), Sorn Leakena is 6 years old (Grade 1), Keo Heng is 20 days, and Sorn Chivan. They are lives with small house and small land 0.40ha. They live in Trapeang Domrey village, Kampong Ampil commune, Romdoul district, Svay Rieng province. The parents are trying to work very hard for raise four children and support their study. Sorn Chivan’s mother works in factory at Bavit city and his father work as a home constructor at Svay Rieng. The income of this family is in 2020 during Covid-19 pandemic they lose all jobs so make lose income also. Now she just giving a birth her son 20 days, she can’t do everything and her husband need to stay at home to take care of his wife. In 2022 CAO surveyed and saw that her income about 56cents /person/day from paddy rice and home construction. They expense a lot of for food and their children study. CAO supported scholarship to him in cash 35$/year for study extra class. For the next year their 3 children will go to school so they spend more. Because of these reason we really want to support some study materials and some money for him for extra class that make he continue his study. He wants to be a teacher in future and to make his purpose a reality.

The request of this family is scholarship 10$/months.

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