Huynh Thi Kim Phuong, 12 yrs

My Son, Ninh Son, Ninh Thuan, VN

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12€/month for 1 year

Huynh Thi Kim Phuong

Ms Coc whose left arm has nails and screws implanted to hold the bone in place after the traffic accident cannot withstand heavy labor. She works in a cow farm in the region. Her husband who suffers from muscular atrophy was able to move slightly after several months in a bedridden situation. They have no cultivated land, the family income depends on Mrs. Coc and her eldest son working as laborers on a cow farm in the area. The 2 sons named Huynh Ngoc Phat and Huynh Ngoc Phu with learning difficulties still stay in first grade although they are 8 and 10 years old now. Huynh Thi Kim Phuong, a 12-year-old girl, is the family’s only hope. However, with an income of only US$1.20 per person per day, it is too difficult to cover both the cost of living and the education costs of the three school-aged children.

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