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Linh, 14 years old – Tien, 13 years old -Nhien, 11 years old

Vietnam : District de Ham Thuan Nam, province de Binh Thuan.

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540€ (45€/month for 1 year)

Kha Family

Kha is 80 years old and has one eye missing. Her daughter has a mental illness due to the death of her husband. Kha has to take care of 3 grandchildren who are school age.
We plan to support the family with 540€/year, which will allow 3 children to have money to pay their school fees and buy educational tools.
– Lam Thi Truc Linh, 14 years old, 9th grade
– Lam Thi My Tien, 13 years old, 8th grade
– Lam Thị Bich Nhien, age 11

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