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Mme Tuyên

Vietnam : Lê Thị Kim Tuyến, 1 village, commune de Me Pu, district de Duc Linh, province de Binh Thuan.

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250€ ( x12month – 20,83€/month)

Mrs. Tuyên

Mrs. Tuyển is a brave woman: she has to work very hard because her husband has end-stage kidney disease as well as gout, so he can just move around a little bit inside the house but not work. They have 3 children and it is very expensive in Vietnam. Mrs. Tuyển used to work in a factory, she had to quit to take care of her sick husband and children. Her dream is to get a loan to raise pigs with some profit and to keep the children in school. She needs 250€ for her pigs.

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