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Vo Lam Anh & Vo Lam Bao

25.00 / month for 12 months

Vo Quoc Thanh is a father who raises his 2 children Vo Lam Anh (born in 2007) and Vo Lam Bao (born in 2009) alone. His wife left him when the youngest son was less than 8 months old and she never came back to see them. He decided not to marry any more to devote all his love and all his attention to his two children. Every day, Anh and Bao walk to school. They are in 8th grade because the eldest lost a year following his dad’s illness. They do their best to study and have good results. The family home of less than 40m2 exudes the love of father and son. They have no cultivated land and unstable labor incomes with an average monthly income of €18 per person. Thanh is determined to let his children study because he knows that only education can lift his children out of poverty. To share with her burden, Anh and Bao need a scholarship.

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Vo Lam Anh, 15 yrs & Vo Lam Bao, 13 yrs

Phuong An, commune de Phuong Binh, district de Phung Hiep, province de Hau Giang

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25€/month for 1 year