our figures: 1,000 villages supported / 4,000 school scholarships / 7,500 microcredits in progress

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Ông Phạm Văn Định

16.67 / month for 12 months

With his wife they raise 3 children. A year ago, Dinh was knocked down by a motorbike, he had to urgently borrow €900! The loan shark had no mercy and charges 60% interest per year! Add to that the medicines: 90 € each month. Impossible to get out of it: we try to negotiate with the loan shark. In the meantime we want to give them a microcredit for his dragon fruit plantation.

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Ông Phạm Văn Định

Thôn Ba Bào –Xã Hàm Thạnh – Huyện, Hàm Thuận Nam District, Vietnam

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16.67€/month for 1 year