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Nguyen Bao Nguyen

12.00 / month for 12 months

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Dung, who has just given birth to her youngest daughter, cannot work. Her husband, a truck driver, was electrocuted when he touched high voltage wires last year, but he is thankfully still alive. Currently, his health has just gradually recovered after a long period of night, but it is rather difficult when moving or working. No one in Ms. Dung’s family can work to earn money. All the burden of the family now depends on the support of his grandparents who work daily in the brick kilns. Their eldest son, 17, follows his grandparents to work in the brick kilns to earn money for school fees, textbooks, etc. It is really very difficult for the whole family of 7 members and 2 elderly grandparents. The cost of educating four school-age children, including Nguyen Duy Bao (10th grade), Nguyen Thao My (8th grade), Nguyen Bao Nguyen (6th grade) and Nguyen Ai Uyen (4th grade), poses a challenge sized for the family.

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Nguyen Bao Nguyen, 11 yrs

Mepu, Duc Linh, Binh Thuan, VN

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