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Khao’s family

22.00 / month for 12 months

Khao is 43 years old. She lives in Phuoc Hai commune, Phuoc Dan district, Ninh Thuan province. Khao’s husband had a serious motorcycle accident. Khao is now working alone, selling vegetables at the market, 3$/day. With this situation, 2 of her children (Kiều Từ Gia Huy, 11 years old, in 4th grade and Đạo Hoài Kim, 7 years old, in 2nd grade) will drop out of school next school year because the income is very low. We want to support the family with a school scholarship.

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Kieu Từ Gia Huy, 11 years old et Đạo Hoài Kim, 7 years old

Vietnam : Phuoc Hai commune, district de Phuoc Dan, province de Ninh Thuan.

Video presentation

22€/month for 1 year