Mekong Plus

In the North, two not-for-profit organizations

General assembly meetings are held in each country. Each member association is represented in the other country. General assembly meetings define, year by year, major policy options and assess the achievements on the basis of reports submitted by the Boards of Directors.

Board meetings take place in each country. Each member association is represented in the other country.

Boards of directors are elected by the general assemblies who elect the members from among their members, regardless of whether they are members or not of the staff. They have the broadest powers for the management and administration of the association. It is their responsibility to ensure the implementation of the general guidelines adopted by the general assembly meetings. They meet every two months.

En Belgique

Président: Dominique Moorkens

Isabelle Flament

Marie d’Ursel

Jean-Roger de Brandt

Tanguy Vanloqueren

Bernard Kervyn

En France

President : Christophe Rouvière.

Dominique Moorkens

Catherine Orphelin, trésorière.

Loanna Becattini

Bernard Kervyn

Loanna Becattini, comptabilité administration. 

Yaël van den Hove, communication

In Vietnam and in Cambodia

Bernard Kervyn, CEO


Mékong Plus Cambodia


Thien Chi et Anh Duong

In Vietnam, we have set up two local NGOs

Our greatest pride: Thien Chi and Anh Duong are true local NGOs.

Each team has its own leadership, management and cadres. The managers of the different projects meet at least once a month (often by video) to review the programs, look for
improvements, discuss future plans, etc. Our priority is to strengthen their leadership and management so that they can not only lead their project -this they do beautifully, but they can become true social entrepreneurs, with a clear vision for their organization, short, medium and long term. Currently, Mekong Plus in Vietnam trains and coaches 4 fundraisers who manage over 60% of the total funding.


Loan meets with Mrs. Thương at her small market stall. She has been abused by her husband for years: he drinks and does not work. The children have left school to help their mother at the stall. The youngest, however, is still in college.
Thương: “I rent this place 70,000 đồngs / day (€ 3), and I make a profit of € 4 or 8 on my sales, it depends. Really I cannot manage.
Loan: “Do you have debts? I want to know is important. Do you have debts with any moneylender?
Thương is embarrassed and really seems hopeless; it’s her neighbor who interrupts: 
“Of course and and a lot! Thương why you do not say it, tell them!
“Tens of millions … well almost 50 million (2000 €) admits Thương. 
“And the interest? Loan demand. 
“10%. Per month, says Thương. 
Loan gets a little angry: 
“But what, it has been years that we work with you, why you did say so sooner?
Thương: “Oh, what’s the point ? I can not pay and now the interest are added each month to the debt. “

Loan sees the moneylender lurking nearby. The situation is not good, he tries to avoid her; on the other hand he may wait patiently till Thương is forced to surrender her last piece of land to him or her house? 
Loan has a solid experience and has already rescued a dozen women from moneylenders: she negotiates with the moneylender, Mekong Plus repays the principal in installments and the borrower shall repay Mekong Plus. The interests are converted into savings, once the debt is fully repaid the borrower gets the interests as well.

Loan: “It will be hard this time. This guy does not want to listen. I need to go to the People’s Committee, his high interests are illegal, we will force him to lower them!”

Loan is a strong woman. She raises her two daughters alone. She is also the project director of the Ham Thuan Nam project, with a good team of staff and village workers. She is adored by her team; she knows her project on the fingertips, and is a true leader.

Bernard Kervyn representing Vietnam and Cambodia

They support us

The social enterprise Mekong Quilts

Our institutional partners:

We have also the Benina foundation, the NIckedo foundation, the foundation OKWorlds and the enterprise OVH

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