our figures: 1,000 villages supported / 4,000 school scholarships / 7,500 microcredits in progress

Organization in the north: two associations

Annual General Meetings are held in each country. Each association is a member and is represented in the other countries. They jointly define the major orientations and evaluate the implementation of programs on the basis of reports presented by the Boards of Directors. The association’s accounts are certified by an auditor.

They take place in each country. Each association is a member and is represented in the other countries.

Boards of directors are elected by the general meetings, which choose the members from among their number. They have full powers to manage and administer the association. It is their responsibility to ensure that the directives and general orientations adopted by the General Meetings are implemented. They meet every two months.

In Belgium

President: Dominique Moorkens Secretary: Isabelle Flament Marie d’Ursel Treasurer: Jean-Roger de Bandt
Tanguy Vanloqueren Bernard Kervyn Constance Nothomb



En France

President: Laurence Villeneuve Vice President: Dominique Moorkens Treasurer: Christophe Rouvière Secretary: Catherine Orphelin
Aurélie Vandevooghel Lindsey Nefesh Clarke Laurent Peguret


Loanna Becattini,
Operations Manager France – Belgium
Bernard Kervyn, Operations Manager Vietnam – Cambodia

where are we?

In both Cambodia and Vietnam, we have helped our teams to set up independent local NGOs.

Our greatest pride: Thien Chi, Anh Duong and CAO are truly local NGOs.

Each team has its own management team. All project managers meet (often by video) to review activities, seek improvements and discuss future plans.

Our priority now is to focus on training the managers so that they can not only lead their projects – which they do admirably.

Mékong Plus trains managers in fund-raising and, already, they manage over 60% of funding.

where to find them?


CAO : YANN Kosal (Mrs), Program Director
Community Advancement Organization (CAO)

Mobile: +855 12 867 182/ 16 450 462
Office: +855 96 533 334 2

Website: : www.cao-cambodia,

Address: Chork village, Kampong Chork commune, Rumdoul district, Svay Rieng Province.


Thien Chi et Anh Duong

they’re at our side

As well as the Benina Foundation – the Nickedo Foundation – the OKWorlds Foundation – the OVH company – Sprl Legrand – Cyber Copy 44.


Many thanks to all!