Mekong Plus


A class or scout troop mission? The experience is unique, even initiatory! We are listening to your wishes to make your graduation trip late clever, playful, fantastic!

  • Trip Length: 10 days and 9 nights.
  • Immersion in our projects: 4 full days on one site
  • Logistics: provided from arrival until departure. 
  • Price: 450-650 € – Possibility to reduce costs while camping. (Contact us for details) 

Solidarity commitment is the visible part of your participation in our NGO. We ask you to be ambassador of Mekong Plus, to talk about us and our projects; to raise a financial contribution that will go directly to the Mekong Plus programs. For this Bamboo Bike, it is 10,000 € for the group.

This represents a substantial budget, we are aware of it. Yet it is not difficult to achieve! See our examples and crowdfunding platform.


We are committed to using the equivalent of your carbon footprint in our programs that fight against climate change (currently € 100 per participant).

They support us

The social enterprise Mekong Quilts

Our institutional partners:

We have also the Benina foundation, the NIckedo foundation, the foundation OKWorlds and the enterprise OVH

Big thanks to all of you!

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