Tax deduction certificate for donations which total at least 40€ in one year


A tax deduction certificate is sent to you within 3 months (quarter).

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Our accounts are verified by external auditors in Vietnam, Cambodia, France and Belgium and are available online once the audits have been completed.

Our half-yearly bulletins tell you everything about how the funds are used. We report our successes but also our failures. When we fail we want others to know, it may be useful to avoid similar mistakes.


Association for ethical fund raising

The AERF confirms how the funds are being spent.

Tax deduction

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The social enterprise Mekong Quilts

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We have also Fondation Benina – la fondation Nickedo- La fondation OKWorlds –  l’entreprise OVH – Sprl Legrand – Cyber Copy 44.

Big thanks to all of you!