Your will, is it necessary?

Yes, or else the State will look for your heirs, down to the 6thdegree! If no heir is found, your property will go to the State, without recourse possible.


Legacy in duo

To benefit your heirs while helping Mekong Plus. In Belgium and France, inheritance tax legislation stipulates that a person X (your heirs) can be appointed as heir free of all inheritance rights, provided that Y (Mekong Plus) pays the rights of succession. The advantage of the “dual legacy” lies in the difference between the inheritance tax rate applied to a private heir (up to 80%) and that granted by the State to Mekong Plus (12.5% in Brussels-Capital Region). For more information on this subject, consult this page and, of course, your notary who will be able to answer your specific needs.


Example in Belgium

Classical Legacy: Peter G. is a young widower of 65 years old. He has no family. He bequeathed by will € 40,000 to his friend Catherine who lives in Brussels Région Capitale where the inheritance tax to be applied amounts to 40%, without reduction. She will receive € 24,000 in net.

Legacy duo: Peter G. wishes to leave € 25,000 to his friend Catherine and designates in his will, Mekong Plus as sole heir. Mekong Plus will perform the entire inheritance tax (12.5% in Brussels Région Capitale for bequests made to associations that have federal approval) is € 5,000 and € 25,000 will pay to Catherine. Mekong Plus will receive net 10,000 €.

In all cases, so as not to harm any of the parties, the technique of “duo legacy” requires some precautions. Always consult your notary.


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