Mekong Plus fights domestic violence and sexual inequality in the Mekong Delta

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Mekong Plus fights domestic violence and sexual inequality in the Mekong Delta Since its inception, Mekong Plus has placed great emphasis on its mission to eliminate poverty and improve lives in the poorest villages of Vietnam and Cambodia. Due to societal and environmental factors, Mekong Plus observes that almost half of impoverished households in the […]

Mekong Plus beats the pandemic with Accessible Education

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For the past two decades, non-profit organisation Mekong Plus has focused most of its efforts on empowering rural communities in Vietnam and Cambodia through a wide range of projects including micro-financing, infrastructure development and sustainable agriculture. But perhaps its most endearing effort comes in the form of improving access to education. “During our meetings with […]

At Mekong Plus, fundraising is evolving

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Running a non-profit has never been an easy task, and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made fundraising more challenging. And an organisation’s capacity to fundraise is inevitably and kindredly tied to its ability to be seen. With a mishmash of different projects in Vietnam and Cambodia ranging from scholarships for schoolchildren, handicraft and quilt production […]

Transforming plastic to improve lives: Mekong Plus’ other strategy


Since the earliest days, Mekong Plus and its founder Bernard Kervyn have been deeply devoted to changing the lives of underprivileged locals and their families in Vietnam through initiatives such as micro-credits, sustainable livestock farming and scholarship programmes to keep as many children in school as possible. Through its close involvement with schools in the […]

Mekong Plus transforms Vietnam through microcredit

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Microcredit : “It’s a gift that gives twice,” explained Bernard Kervyn, founder of Mekong Plus, the non-profit and community development organization that has spent more than two decades improving the lives of thousands in the Mekong Delta region. Indeed, help comes in many forms, but to Bernard, the best form of assistance is one that […]

Vietnam’s Unique Mekong Bike Tours


Slightly more than two decades ago, Bernard Kervyn, founder and director of Mekong Plus, began to ponder what more could be done to improve the lives of beneficiaries of the non-profit organization that focuses on community development in some of Vietnam’s poorest villages. A family who has received help from Mekong Plus. “We were already […]

Improving education in the Mekong Delta key to changing lives

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Improving Education: Mekong Plus’ key to improving lives in the Mekong Delta From co-funding infrastructure projects in Cambodia and Vietnam to starting South-east Asia’s first quilting-based social enterprises that changed the lives of more than 4,000 under-privileged women, Mekong Plus’ founder Bernard Kervyn isn’t a stranger to the often unquoted irony of social work. “Giving […]

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