Nurturing Nature: Mekong Plus’ Green Revolution

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In the heart of Vietnam, where the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City fade into the serene landscapes of rural Vietnam, Mekong Plus is sowing the seeds of change. Beyond its microcredit programs, the organization is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. This blog unveils the remarkable initiatives that are not only greening the earth […]

Thriving Against Odds: Mekong Plus Microcredits Unleash Potential

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Unleashing Potential in Rural Communities Nestled in the serene heartlands of Vietnam and Cambodia, Mekong Plus stands tall as a beacon of hope. This non-profit organization is not just a lifeline for impoverished households; it’s a force that transforms lives. At its core lies a transformative tool – microcredits. Understanding Mekong Plus Microcredits: A Ray […]

Empowering Dreams: Mekong Plus Scholarships Transforming Lives

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As the new school year approaches, the air is filled with the promise of fresh beginnings and renewed aspirations. For many, education signifies not only the acquisition of knowledge but also a pathway to a brighter future. Yet, in the rural landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia, financial limitations often compel children to relinquish their educational […]

Impactful Holiday: Experience the Life-Changing Bamboo Bike Tours with Mekong Plus

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Planning an eco-conscious and impactful holiday has never been easier. If you’re seeking adventure, sustainability, and the chance to make a positive difference, look no further than Mekong Plus’ bamboo bike tours in Vietnam’s provinces of Hâu Giang (Mekong Delta), Bình Thuân (Phan Thiết) and Ninh Thuân (Phan Rang). Embrace health and healthy living while […]

Mekong Plus celebrates an eventful 2022


It is undeniable that the post-pandemic instability that transcends energy problems, climate disruptions and socioeconomic consequences worsened by war was a source of worry and uncertainty for Mekong Plus and its partners. But nevertheless, the Vietnam and Cambodia-based non-profit organisation has persevered—continuing its goal to change lives in the region through community projects focused on […]

Eco-friendly homes made possible at Mekong Plus

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Since its founding in the early 2000s, Vietnam and Cambodia-based non-profit organisation Mekong Plus has placed utmost priority in improving lives and eliminating poverty through countless projects related to agriculture, infrastructure, health, education and more. Despite improvements in Vietnam over the last decade, another plague has surfaced. According to statistics from the World Bank, over […]

Livestock specialist Kosal Yann empowering Cambodian villagers

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From a ban on fundraising on social media to a sharp decline in international aid entering Cambodia in recent years, native Kosal Yann is no stranger to the struggles of a non-government organisation in the Indochinese nation that still sees almost 19% of its inhabitants living under the poverty threshold. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree […]

Have fun, do good with Mekong Plus’ bamboo bicycle tours


As unlikely as it might sound, Vietnam’s first handmade bamboo bicycles begin its life at Mekong Quilts, a social enterprise formed by its sister non-profit organisation Mekong Plus to create sustainable fabric work for under-privileged female artisans. “We started with quilts and expanded into handicrafts such as papier-mâché souvenirs and water hyacinth bags,” Bernard Kervyn, […]

Mekong Plus improving lives through microcredit, employment and education

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When Bernard Kervyn first arrived in Vietnam in the mid 1990s, the country was still ravaged by a lack of basic amenities and infrastructure—no doubt a turning point for the creation of Mekong Plus, a non-profit organization that now strives to improve rural lives and eliminate poverty in villages in southern Vietnam and Cambodia through […]

Mekong Quilts’ pursuit to elevate lives of underprivileged women

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Founded in 2001 as a quilt-focused handicraft social enterprise dedicated to the mission of uplifting lives of female artisans in the Mekong Delta, Mekong Quilts’ was a result of sister non-profit organisation Mekong Plus’ three-decade-long commitment to improving lives of locals in Vietnam and Cambodia. When Founding Director Bernard Kervyn first arrived in Vietnam in […]

Cycling for a cause with Mekong Plus

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When Mekong Plus was created in the mid-1990s to combat poverty in Vietnam and Cambodia, founding director Bernard Kervyn and team mainly focused on improving infrastructure, agricultural practices and accessibility of education as the building blocks for positive change. Bernard Kervyn, founder of Mekong Plus and Mekong Quilts The non-profit organisation then began another initiative […]

Mekong Plus strives to save both people and the environment

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The Mekong Delta has seen a new slate of challenges in recent years. Global warming has caused the sea to rise 1 cm a year, while intensive agriculture has caused land to sink 3 cm a year due to over-pumping of groundwater—a morbid combination that has resulted in heavy flooding in many parts of Vietnam […]

Positive change begins with scholarships in the Mekong Delta

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Despite being a Vietnam–Cambodia-based non-profit organisation committed to a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from improving infrastructure, smart agricultural practices, to creating sustainable employment for underprivileged women, Mekong Plus’ founding director Bernard Kervyn believes that the single most effective tool to eliminate poverty in the region is education⁠. Strengthening the resilience of future generations through […]

Mekong Plus help villagers beat rising costs and climate change


Mekong Plus helps villagers beat rising costs and climate change In the midst of the global recovery from the pandemic-driven economic downturn, city dwellers in major cities in south-east Asia are looking forward to a quick return to normalcy and better times thanks to international tourism and trade. “There is prejudice [towards villagers] especially during […]

Mekong Plus improving lives in south-east Asia together with its partners

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Mekong Plus improving lives in south-east Asia together with its partners Since the 1990s, Vietnam and Cambodia-based non-government organisation (NGO) Mekong Plus has dedicated its existence to changing the lives of under-privileged locals in rural regions through community projects that aim to improve agriculture, education, environment and more. Establishing partnerships key to success Founding director […]

Mekong Plus nurturing both farmers and the environment

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From subsidised housing made from bricks that combine plastic water bottles and a layer of cement, to pyrolysis trials that aim to turn plastic refuse into fuel by Mekong Plus’ team in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, the non-profit organisation began its humble roots in the mid-90s with a clear objective of eliminating poverty in Vietnam […]

Mekong Plus empowering women through rural development


Charcoal and firewood might seem like typical necessities of rural living, but Vietnam and Cambodia-based Mekong Plus sees it differently. “[These methods are] very polluting and create a lot of smoke,” Bernard Kervyn, Managing Director of the non-profit organisation that has spent more than 30 years improving lives in areas such as the Mekong delta […]

Bamboo Bicycle tours leading the way for Mekong Plus

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Bamboo Bicycle tours leading the way for Mekong Plus For almost 5 years, Bernard Kervyn, Founding and acting Director of Mekong Quilts, a social enterprise focused on handicraft, quilt-making and creating employment for the underprivileged women of the region, has led regular bicycle tours for locals and foreign tourists in Vietnam and Cambodia. From places […]

Mekong Plus makes strides despite challenging year

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Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and relentlessly changes in the global economy, founding director Bernard Kervyn of Mekong Plus, a non-profit organisation that commits a majority of its efforts to rural development in Vietnam and Cambodia, is relieved to convey that not all is bad news Support from corporations and private individuals remain strong Most […]

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