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Development works when everyone is involved

Vision of Mekong Plus

Vision of Mekong Plus Mekong Plus is convinced that the human dimension is an essential part of a community and its evolution, and, in particular, that the development of poor rural areas of Cambodia and Vietnam will allow:

– Everyone to meet their basic needs and live in dignity

– Communities to fully exercise their solidarity, especially towards the less privileged, through concrete actions. 



Mekong Plus has a dual mission:
Mekong Plus trains and supports Khmer and Vietnamese people who are motivated and committed to community development in disadvantaged rural areas.
Mekong Plus builds and strengthens local teams to: 

Work with the poorest

 target the poorest, who often do not even have 1/3 € per day per person


Work with the strong participation of all

Be it for the health programs, education, and small infrastructure or to reduce acute poverty, our teams always work closely with the local populations.

Carry out low cost and therefore sustainable actions.

More than 50% of the expenses of all programs are actually covered by the local people and the local partners. The techniques proposed to the villagers are simple and fit well to the local conditions. The focus is on training villagers-to-villagers so that all activities con continue and expand without the support of Mekong Plus.


“Go towards people
Live with them,
Learn from them
Love them!

Start with what they know,
Build from what they have
And when it is over, they will rejoice”

Lao Tseu

The words of Lao Tseu – Chinese philosopher (700AC) inspire reflection and action. Mekong Plus believes that solidarity includes a requirement for efficiency and coherence of means and attitudes with vision, mission and objectives.

We work mainly in 6 different domains:

Our challenges are many and very important for the sustainable development in the remote regions along the Mekong. For agriculture, education, employment, small infrastructure or health… Mekong Plus always work in collaboration with all so that the resulting development is absolutely theirs. All are fully involved in the projects.

Today we ask you to make one more step with Mekong Plus. This would be a golden step, you offer 0,4 €per day, or 12 €in a month.

At the end of the year will have contributed significantly to the development of the region. 40 cents per day is enough to help 5 children to continue their education; you will have joined efforts to protect the environment by training 20 farmers in the best practices for a clean agriculture. On the other hand, for you it will be a reduction of your taxes.

Mekong Bike: our solidarity biking tours

At Mekong Plus we believe it is so important to open our eyes, our heart and our mind. This is the purpose of our Mekong Bikes tours. With the solidarity challenges we are in the middle of nature and very close to the people. A dream adventure but also with concrete projects. You come back home tired but positive and full of emotions. With great fulfillment, better aware of the world, the people around you and of yourself.

Several options are available:


Helping us with your… clicks!

Use LILO as a browser!

It is as powerful as Google but all profits go to social associations. Mekong Plus is one of the registered beneficiary organizations. By using LILO, while you surf on the Internet, you support social projects at the same time. All your clicks will generate more than 30 per year.

They support us:

The social enterprise

Our institutional partners:

We have also Fondation Benina – la fondation Nickedo- La fondation OKWorlds –  l’entreprise OVH – Sprl Legrand – Cyber Copy 44.

Big thanks to all of you!

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